The 10 Best Movie Sword Fights

Every good action movie has heroes running around blowing up everything in sight. This leads to a lot of movie fans debating the great gun fights in movie history. Personally I think guns are cheap. Most heroes’ guns cause an explosion the size Vermont so they don’t need any kind of accuracy whatsoever. A hero that can win a sword fight is way more talented. These are what I think are the ten best sword fights in movie history.

Adventures of Robin Hood

Most of the movies on this list are pretty recent since the majority of the movies I’ve seen are recent. But one of the few old school movies that I’ve seen that still holds up is the one and only Errol Flynn donning the green Robin Hood tights.


Where have you gone Wesley Snipes? Wesley Snipes hasn’t done anything significant lately but at least he went out with a great sword fight against Stephen Dorff in the first Blade movie.


I have to admit that despite his great acting ability I wasn’t really familiar with Russell Crowe until he fought off that gladiator with the mask and a tiger at the same time in movie Gladiator.

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Kill Bill Vol. 1 as a whole wasn’t my favorite movie, and Vol. 2 is definitely superior but no woman has swung a sword like the Bride taking on the Crazy 88.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Critics will give you many reasons that the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movie weren’t as good as the first but very few of them bring up my problem with the Pirates movies. There is no fight scene the rest of the series that lives up to the sword fight between Jack Sparrow and Will Turner when they first meet.

Princess Bride

The sword fight between Westley and Inigo Montoya is probably my favorite sword fight of all-time. There is an odd friendliness and a lot of respect between the two. The sword fight has some fun stunts and the whole, “I’m not really left-handed” bit is nice too.

Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

Maybe the actual sword fighting wasn’t revolutionary but Vader chops off Luke Skywalker’s hand and then tells Luke that he is his father. Classic.

Star Wars: Phantom Menace

I tried not to load up too much on light saber fight and decided to keep it to one from each trilogy. I know a lot of people will pick the Yoda fight from the second trilogy but I’m a bigger fan of the Darth Maul fight.


Brad Pitt as Achilles? Eh. Troy the movie? Eh. The sword fight between Achilles and Hector? Awesome!


As he tells us in the movie, Madmartigan is the “greatest swordsman that ever lived.” Maybe the sword fight wasn’t as good as the rest on this list but when I was a kid I was totally into Madmartigan kicking General Kael’s butt.